Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Resonate Update Day 10

How could this one blog do justice to all we have witnessed in God’s creation today?
Alas, we have entered the last 48 hours of our Uganda adventure where nature played a prominent feature.  Awaking promptly, some of us started the day at 6:54 with the views of the sunrise over the Nile river.

At 10:30 we began our ‘al fresco church service’ creating a contrast to the normalities of Resonate. The service did not include funny Youtube videos or a few games of dodgeball as one might be accustomed to, but rather a peaceful time for reflection, contemplation and the opportunity to draw closer to God.  We shared testimonies, worship and bread and wine together as we all played different roles in allowing the church service to run smoothly. As the service drew to a close, we had the opportunity to wait on God and open our hearts and minds to Him.

After an unusual but welcomed time of rest, we proceeded on an excursion with rotated chairs, the moon roof set and a bag of Harribos-let the game drive begin! With squeals of excitement as we saw our first hartebeasts and jumping from seats at the first sight of giraffes we quickly had our cameras at the ready, safari hats on and binoculars (for those like Becca) who were real naturals.
Through rough terrain and the vast expanse of grassland either side of our converted minibuses, our eager eyes were open and struck by Gods indescribable creation. The surroundings were tranquil and this was accompanied with a myriad of African wildlife such as giraffes, elephants, warthogs, buffalos, monkeys and lion cubs. It really was a vast array!

 As we stopped several times to admire the sheer splendour and beauty of our close proximity to a herd of giraffes (only meters away!), the comparison was quickly made between ‘The Lion King’ and reality. With no airbrushing and no filters added-this was the African life! Although we thought we took a wrong turning, God (once again) proved to us that he is always one step ahead as we saw four lion cubs who were definitely not camera shy. Still half out of the roof, we became wary of the father of the pack and swiftly drove away.

As our three hour game drive came to an end, we were speechless as the sun descended over hectares of land and miles of water creating silhouettes of elephants and giraffes at the water side. This mimicked the perfect setting of the Garden of Eden, which words nor pictures could do justice.
Exhausted and hungry after dodging swarms of dragonflies on the journey home, we were more than thrilled to receive (yet another) three course Italian delicacy, including an eight layered slice of lasagne, steak cooked to perfection accompanied with carrots and beans and crème caramelle to finish.

As has been the norm of the evenings, we proceeded to take time to reflect on the highlights of the trip and express our gratitude to the leaders including Odirrah, who made a supportive team member, resolving issues when they arose. We will truly miss our number 19 as we depart tomorrow!
After dinner, we gazed at the stars seeing different constellations and shooting stars and we were in awe of the magnificence of the night sky – truly lost for words! We were once again touched and amazed by the beauty of God’s World.

‘indescribable, uncontainable, awestruck we fall to our knees as we humbly proclaim, you are an amazing God’

Look forward to seeing you all soon.
Hakuna mutata to you all,
Lots of love,

Faith and Maddie xox