Sunday, 2 August 2015

Resonate Sunday

This morning we were unfortunate enough to awaken to a lack of electricity, which ensured our sleep-deprived bodies were forced to shower in an icy torrent. Furthermore, our morning torment was compounded by the fact that breakfast was delayed, although perhaps justifiably due to our inability to cook anything. However, our cold and nigh-famished selves were warmed by the welcome that we received at Tumani Children's Home in time for church. Without wanting to seem too cliché the service was close to indescribable, however, I will do my best. In an experience lasting three hours we enjoyed a plethora of song and dance routines from the children, the most endearing of which was the little ones singing 'Jesus loves me, this I know, for the Bible tells me so...' (tune). We were also fortunate enough to receive a blessing at the end of the service in which the pastor prayed with a relentless and enthusiastic vigour, I don't think I've been fortunate enough to encounter previously. We then proceeded to enjoy interacting with the children with the activities extending to 'loom banding' as well as an array of songs and dances being interchanged between the two cultures. Lunch was then served, although perhaps rather embarrassingly in a separate, prepared room to the locals. What was served was nothing short of a smorgasbord of Ugandan cuisine, with the less appetising dishes stretching to a goat stew. Lunch was followed by an opportunity to present the children with a variety of gifts including mosquito nets and a new keyboard, the latter provoking a reaction of much whooping and hollering, the likes of which one might think was solely reserved for pre-pubescent girls at a One Direction concert. Unfortunately, we did have to leave and hence said our goodbyes, returning to our guesthouse. Our summary discussion was facilitated by the joys of the interactions but also the difficulties of the poverty that we had seen in the surrounding area. We were joined by the older members of the children's home for dinner and exchanged stories over Mexican food. However, the evening quickly descended into dancing and alas I was the first Brit to be dragged into the circle but fortunately represented our majestic island nation with honour as I proceeded to cut a vast array of mad shapes and rather embarrassingly stood up the locals. All in all it was a lovely day and am looking forward to the remainder of the trip.