Monday, 3 August 2015

Day 3 Monday

Having learned our lesson from yesterday’s lack of hot water in the morning, we decided to wait for the electricity to be turned on before invigorating our bodies with a warm shower. Alas, this short period of bliss was not to last, as the water quickly turned somewhat frigid in the space of seconds. Having to leave our guesthouse at 9:00 AM- which in “Uganda time” converts to within the acceptable limits of 9:15 and 12:30- the remainder of our stay at Sole Hope consisted of nothing spectacular, and we set off towards Mbale without much further delay. Our 3 hour journey became a personal highlight of the day for me, with Tim and Graeme revealing a previously unknown talent for freestyle rap. Perhaps the biggest surprise today came when meeting with the ACET (AIDS Care, Education and Training) leaders, who arrived at precisely the time stated beforehand! They outlined some of the exciting work they are involved in. and the projects we will be undertaking un, I can scarcely waitfor what is to come tomorrow

With love,