Thursday, 6 August 2015

An update from the boys! (Weds)

The evening of the previous day, we were blessed to be visited by Edith Wacamere, (or to her mandemz, Edith Guacamole), whose tales of endeavour stimulated an evening of challenging thought with stark juxtaposition between the lives of our girls and those here. Her organisation, Uganda Women’s Concern Ministry, deals with vulnerable, disadvantaged women who are being given the rare opportunity to free themselves from the constraints of social conformity.
Today entailed travelling to Soroti, where, on the way, a certain Mr. Yip decided to take a nap on Ross’ burly biceps, which also included intermittent dribbles cascading down Ross’ finely-toned arms.
This unusually sensual experience was interrupted by the cries of protest as Luke ‘Big-Arms’ Scott, was appalled at the undemocratic decision taken by the supreme leaders that a sit down lunch was deemed unnecessary.
En-route to the awaiting caves, Tim greeted us with the awesome opportunity of white water rafting, but alas, he was tricking us, as we have become accustomed to on this trip. Mr. Nagle was bitterly disappointed.
Upon exit of the minibus, Hayley, in a noble attempt to impress the locals with her dancing, instead turned faces of excitement to despair and desperation as they hid from such bottom-orientated boogieing.
After the African children had fled amongst cries of horror, we took to the local caves where our guidetaught us about primitive art and the ancient cultures of East African tribes.
We then travelled through the beautiful landscape to reach Sorotti, where half the group took to the streets to engage with Ugandans in their daily routine but returned uncomfortable at the noticeable line separating the two worlds.
Dinner followed and us ladz have retreated to the safety of the man cave to seek shelter from the girls and other buzzing pests, we hope tomorrow that our DEET will be more effective in protecting our tender ears from conversations of make-up and other womens stuff.

Ross and the boiz