Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Kampala & ACET

4th November

The Kampala group was now down to Frank and Jill, a big change. The morning was spent preparing for meetings with ACET. There is a meeting of the Friends of ACET Uganda on the 11th November. Frank has been asked to speak and report on discussions with the ACET team. All the interested groups, ACET UK, TearFund, Friends of ACET and Patrick Dixon the founder of ACET had sent through questions and in addition to the Love Africa questions it was quite an agenda to prepare.

Paul, Emma and Amos the new accountant met Frank at the Sheraton. We reviewed the trip and each site with Paul as a de-brief. He was very interested in the PAG Soroti projects and said that the government is also strongly backing local savings and loan schemes and the entire area is very political. He had heard about our visit to ACET Mbale (Naomi has still not had her baby) and how well the visits to the mountain communities had been received. We reported on the discussions with Pastor Nicholas. Paul felt that the Kakira community was putting pressure on PN, as one of the main sources of funding, to take a group of orphans into the home.

We then got into the agenda. Amos the new accountant introduced himself. He comes from the Church of Uganda in Soroti and seems to be a qualified accountant who understands charity governance. Paul says he has had an immediate impact at ACET and Emma commented to me what a good start he had made. He seems like a really good recruit. The 3 of us met for 2-3 hours to review all sorts of stuff on ACET and Love Africa/ACET. Emma and Amos left us and then Paul and Frank had another hour into the evening talking about the leadership of ACET. I won’t bore you with all the details. Paul is a very gracious and Godly man who is quite isolated in his leadership of ACET so he does genuinely welcome people spending time with him.

Paul is also very well regarded in the faith community in Uganda. He mentioned that he is facilitating a meeting of church leaders tomorrow on the church's response to HIV. These leaders include the Church of Uganda Archbishop, Archbishop Simon Peter (who is stopping at lunch time to meet me!), and the leader of the Roman Catholic Church in Uganda among others. Love Africa is very fortunate to have Paul as a partner.

We heard from the party in Apac by text and look forward to seeing them tomorrow

Please remember in your prayers;

Safe travel for the group in Apac and that they will be a huge encouragement for the people they meet in PAG and in the communities
For the work of ACET Uganda, their role and influence politically among the leadership of the Church in Uganda

For Paul, Emma and Amos as they serve God at ACET