Wednesday, 20 August 2014

The Love Africa Media Visit

In March 2014 a small team went out to Uganda to attempt a big challenge. To visit all the Love Africa partners and spend quality time with each one filming stories and testimonies about the impact of Love Africa over the past seven years. We travelled round huge swathes of the country catching up with friends and filming as we went. 'Love Africa The Movie' will be released in the new year. Here are some of the pictures of the trip. Big thanks to Gary Spratling and Tom Ensom as well as Frank Armstrong for all their hard work while we were away.

Uganda's economy is growing but poverty is still the norm

Tom with Bishop Simon Peter of PAG

Kids at Kiswa School partnered with the GX CE Academy

Trying to count them...?!

A great testimony from this lady who lost her husband to HIV

Martin learning the local language!

Don't ask!

Hooch from molasses at kakira sugar works - under age drinking!

Yes, she does live here