Thursday, 4 March 2010

Rwandan Surprises Martin Williams

As part of my month away break in East Africa I found myself in Rwanda. I met with the head of Tearfund Rwanda - Emmanuel - who kindly took me out to supper. As we spopke about the healing of his country still in process after the 1994 Genocides he told me about the spread of HIV/AIDS in Rwanda and especially in Burundi. He began to tell me all about the PEP (Participatory Evaluation Programme) that uses biblical material to help churches become the catalysts of transfoprmation and chaneg for AIDS stricken communities. He told me how powerful it is. He told me that in Burundi now that so much international aid is cut of due to corrupt government the churches running PEP was the only hope the country had of stifling the spread of HIV/AIDS.

The Rwanda Genocide Memorial at Nyamata near Kigali. The rebels were there slaughtering Tutsis for 3 days!

What he did not know until I told him later was that St James was helping Tearfund to fund the development through Love Africa and roll-out of PEP which originated in a PAG church in Soroti on Uganda. It was a huge affirmation and encouragement to hear how much faith and hope he had in the PEP prgramme. PEP really is an extraordinary move of God; and we are involved in supporting it.