Saturday, 6 March 2010

Letter From ACET in Mbale Mudslide region

Good to hear from you and pray for a safe journey back to the UK.
The situation continues to be grim. It has been very difficult to access the area and they are still using rudimentary tools to dig up those are now believed to be dead. The News paper have also painted a picture of despair.

We have finally been in contact with Stephen who had moved deeper into the communities to support who his people. He is fine and is yet to ascertain how the church family is. People are still scattered and not sure whether their relatives are dead or displaced.
Achilles was able to go to the general area abut 13km from the community that was had hit and limited by the roads. It is boda bodas that can get closer.
The prayer concerns are
  • That the weather holds and the limited access is not cut off completely
  • God comforts those who lost their loved ones and shows them brighter days.
  • That disease outbreaks do not occur seeing that the wet conditions have accelerated decomposition of the dead and everything finally ends up in the Manafwa river which also serves Mbale town.
  • The Church will find wisdom and courage as it supports those that have lost all the people that they ever knew (relatives).
  • Pray for the children who were not able to get home and survived but have lost all their family
  • The politicians have also used the opportunity to mudsling which could derail the government on focusing on helping the communities
  • The rains are still expected to come down in torrents ans so the communities are traumatised by the whole situation with exoduses of communities to new areas- pray for comfort
  • We are thankful to God for those that survived and especially those we know and work with-Stephen and those that are involved with Edith's ministry

The people who survived lost everything they ever owned. Displaced people's camps are now the new phenomenon. This will definitely have its own challenges since it requires skills for handling emergencies.
Achilles has started collecting clothes s for the people who are wearing the only asset that they now posses when they survived death.
Achilles sent me some pictures of a truckful of coffins driving through a heavy down pour in the village. He says these people had an opportunity to give their loved ones a dignified burial!! It has been emotional draining to imagine what is going on. Have had many thought s attaching it