Saturday, 13 March 2010

Centre for Evangelism

The Centre for Evangelism (CFE) is a registered church organisation run by Pastor Paul Lubaale and his dedicated team and is one of five projects supported through St James’ Love Africa vision.

CFE’s main office is located in Iganga.

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135 miles from the capital Kampala. Project implementation is carried out by the five centres shown below, each of which is responsible for the communities in its defined catchment area. CFE works through 76 churches located in the Iganga, Mayuge, Jinga, Kamuli, Kaliro, Naamutumba and Mukono districts of Eastern Uganda.


Centre Name


Centre Leader




Patrick Kasango




James Zironda




Fred Balazawa




Annet Waiswa




Simon Bogere

Communities in this part of Uganda are characterised by peasant agriculture, widespread poverty and disease, low household income, illiteracy, high unemployment and food insecurity. ACET (AIDS Care, Education and Training) provides support and assistance to CFE in its work.

CFE’s energies are focused upon the social, economic and welfare CFE project photo board needs of vulnerable families and those living with HIV/AIDS in rural communities. These include widows, orphans, child headed households, and elderly grandparents caring for orphans.

Its main goal, as part of a holistic Gosepl ministry, is to reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS and to improve the lives of those already affected and restore their dignity and hope. This is achieved through empowering the church and community support systems to provide appropriate responses to the HIV/AIDS challenge.

CFE projectsCFE’s development model encourages communities to become agents of change, owning and driving their response to the HIV/AIDS challenge in an accountable and gender sensitive manner.

The project’s key objectives are to:

  • Scale up information, education and communication for HIV /AIDS prevention in the five target centres.
  • Increase income generation and food production capacity for 100 target households.
  • Promote education and welfare for orphans and vulnerable CFE projectschildren and health care for persons living with HIV/AIDS in the supported households and communities.
  • Strengthen community support systems and increase the number and capacity of actors in HIV/AIDS work.
  • Increase the capacity of CFE to intervene in the area of HIV and AIDS and other development spheres.
  • Monitor, evaluate and document project implementation and achievement of objectives.

CFE has made good progress against these objectives and achieved much over the two years since its activities began in the five centres shown above. Positive changes have been seen in the lives of the people covered by its initiatives and the churches in areas around the CFE churches have also benefitted.

Some of the highlights include:

  • Training of church leaders by the Nakabugu Centre, who were inspired and challenged to begin responding to HIV and AIDS in their congregations and communities. Training included discussion about the reasons why there were minimal or no responses to HIV and the role the church could play.
  • Mobilisation and training of teachers from different schools, by the Nakabugu Centre. The teachers were challenged to either begin, or scale-up their efforts to address issues of HIV in their schools. Training included the role that teachers could play, the basic facts about HIV and the need to strengthen partnership in order to address children and community challenges.
  • Training and support of households targeted by different CFE Centres to start income generating projects that could help improve their livelihoods. The focus of the training and support was on basic business management techniques and profitability.
  • Increasing the access to anti-retroviral (ARV) therapy for people living with HIV as well as the provision of transport to health facilities, counselling and information sharing, to help sufferers deal with stigma and problems of access to treatment.
  • A dramatic reduction in stigma and prejudice as a result of CFE’s initiatives.
  • Evidence that child headed households, who have been helped by the success of CFE’s initiatives, have become agents of change in their communities.
  • Hosting a Global Alpha Leadership (GAT) programme for 65 Pastors in January 2010 that was led by a team from St James.