Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Drewett trip - day 12

A very busy agenda for the last day of our trip began with a visit to the Sunday morning service at Kiswa Baptist Church in Kampala. The corrugated-roofed, brick-built church building doubles up as [four/five!] classrooms for Kiswa school during the week. The school is supported by The Gerrards Cross CE School, which has recently provided funding for 31 school desks to replace the simple benches previously used. The service, and preceding Sunday school which we were able to attend, was a great encouragement. Despite a lack of any real resources, the delivery was very child-focused and engaging for the children, and the decoration of the church brought colour and life to the whole proceedings. As is seemingly customary, we were given the opportunity to address the congregation and speak of what we had done on our trip, and the privilege that it was to support the work of the church/school in Kiswa. The Pastor of the church, Pastor Wilson Tumale, seemed very capable and, based on the contents of the service and the announcements, had clearly established a real community within the church.
After the service we met up with David Kabiswa (from ACET) and his family for lunch. It was a great opportunity to discuss the work of ACET and the challenges and opportunities presented by the different projects that we had visited.
Later in the afternoon we made our way out to Bbira, the second of the two Watoto villages. The village was much older than the one where we had been building, and was set-out in a slightly different way in terms of the houses. We were very excited to meet two of the girls who had stayed with us on the last choir tour last November, together with the Palmer family's sponsor child, Sharon. It is rather strange to meet the girls in such different circumstances, and really makes you realise how different the life-style they experience on tour is from their day to day lives in the Watoto villages. It must take them a while to acclimatise - in both directions.
Before heading for bed, we managed to squeeze in a trip to the Ndere Cultural Centre in the evening to see a display of various Ugandan dance and music performers.