Thursday, 28 August 2008

Drewett trip - days 6 and 7

These were the two holiday club days at Tumaine.

The children's home, which is situated in the middle of what could best be described as a "township" of small brick/mud dwellings, is a brick building with a central room (for eating/meeting), and five dormitories (2 boys, 3 girls) with sets of 3-bunk beds. The conditions of the building are very basic, with no power, running water or even ceilings. The cooking is all carried out over an open fire in a small bamboo hut outside the building. There are currently 71 children in the home (from ages c. 4 to 15), with slightly more girls than boys.

The holiday club was attended by all the children from Tumaine, together with children from the local Sunday school at Pastor Nicholas' church that meets in Kakira School, just along from the ophanage. We structured the holiday club using the PromiseLand model of activity stations, followed by large group time and then breaking into small groups. We taught from the story of David and Goliath with the memory verse Deut 31.6 on the first day, and then The Parable of the Lost Sheep with the memory verse John 3.16 on day 2. At the end of the first session we put up mosquito nets for every child, and they all received a teddy with memory verse attached and every child made a canvas painting with memory verse which we put up by their beds. This was to support the message of the session that God is with the children and that they can feel safe and secure within his care - taking their strength from God as David had done.
There were over 140 children attending each day, and at times we were overwhelmed by the children's enthusiasm and joy. We probably learned as much as they did.
Piers loved making friends with the boy (Trevor) he prays for with his small group at PromiseLand. Barbara also did some training with the leaders from the Kakira Sunday School.
The two days were exhausting but we all came away feeling encouraged - especially when one little girl told Olivia she had felt safe under her mosquito net.
The visit ended with the children singing two "goodbye" songs to us as we left and waving frantically at us as we drew away in the car. A very emotional end to an amazing two days.