Saturday, 23 August 2008

Drewett trip - day 4

For those wondering how Martin is posting this blog - he's not, we're just using his sign-in. It really is the Drewetts on their trip. Anyway, that confusion over with, on to our trip.
Today we had the privilege of visiting Watoto's baby care centre "Bulrushes" in Kampala - established just under two years ago. 90 babies in the care of a number of dedicated full time staff and volunteers. We spent three hours playing with the children, reading them stories, singing a few songs, splashing in the paddling pool (their pre-sleep bath!) and feeding them their lunch. It is an amazing place! Babies and toddlers everywhere. A small number were inside and out of contact with us as they try to rid themselves of a sickness bug that has hit the centre, but those unaffected were free to play and roam outside. They are very affectionate and all the family enjoyed holding the children and nursing them. They were lucky we didn't leave with one or two stowed away in Barbara's bag! Both she and Olivia have vowed to return one day to help for a longer spell.
After the Bulrushes we spent a lazy day with lunch out and a short spell of gift shopping, before returning to the guest house for an "African" supper and preparations to leave for Tumaine tomorrow.
As we sign out now it may be a few days before we update you - by which time we will have run the holiday club and visted Edith. We are really looking forward to it, although not quite sure what it will be like. Whatever is it like, I am sure that we both we and the children of Tumaine will have some fun and learn much over the next few days. God bless to you all, and we will be back on the blog soon.