Saturday, 23 August 2008

Drewett trip - day 3

This was to be our last day on the build programme, as although the build team will return next week, we will be in Tumaine running the holiday club. In fact, it was to be our last half day, as we had to return to Kampala for a "Praise/Prayer Rally" at KPC Central (the mother of the Kampala Pentecostal Church family).
So after another early rise, it was off to build. More brick moving to start and then on to the building itself. Heath took a shift mixing the mortar, and was rather put to shame in terms of fitness and stamina by the local team - much to their amusement! Good progress was made though, and we left the site at lunchtime ready for the team to return next week to finish it off.
We were able to meet up again with two of the girls from the choir tours who we had met the previous days - Jane and Sharon - just wandering the village. We also met with Sharon's mother, whose immaculate and beautiful garden was quite a sight. And what an amazing view from the front door of her house across the valley! Stunning. The girls were keen to walk through the village with us, chatting with friends as we went, and we seemed to pick up a few stragglers to join our family as we wandered. It is really a special place for the children to grow up. We said our goodbyes to them all before heading off back to our guesthouse to get ready for the evening service. Our route home took us through a highly congested Kampala - "rush hour" on Friday night in the city it seems.
At 6.00pm we arrived at KPC Central for the Praise/Prayer Rally, for a 7.00pm start. Quite an experience. A very lively service of worship and prayers, interspersed with a couple of brief messages from two of the pastors. Quite political, and certainly "to the point" in terms of the message. They spoke of the journey of KPC from its modest beginnings of just 85 worshippers, to its 18,000 strong congregation some 20 years on. A journey full of prayer and faithfulness, and not without its set backs. The pastor set out the vision for the next phase of the church's growth - some serious vision casting is going on in that church let me tell you! They really live the truth that nothing is impossible for our God.
The worship was supported by a full band and large gospel choir, and from the front rows where we were seated was very loud! And in terms of sound and light equipment, KPC seemed very well resourced with the latest technology.
The service finished after 9.30pm, so then it was back to the guesthouse for the night. Day 3 was over - quite a day by all accounts.