Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Drewett trip - day 1

End of day 1 of our trip. Despite a rainy start (and that was just GX), our transit through Heathrow and out to Entebbe was a complete success. All 29 bags arrived safely, along with all 5 Drewetts.
Watoto picked us up and, with suitcases and bags tied up on the roof, made our way to our guesthouse in Kampala. A quick change of clothes and some money, and we headed out of town to join the build team on site.
There are 22 of us in total and we are building housing for volunteer medical staff who Watoto hope to have living next to a new medical centre on site (partly constructed at the moment). With 23 volunteers and a team of locals to help, we have built the exterior and interior brick walls up to waist height today. We will be on scaffolding tomorrow - watch out for those falling bricks kids!!
Back at the guesthouse now and all cleaned up. Barbara is organising the room (what a surprise!) while we send this note. Will update later in the week. Love to everyone back home. Keep praying for us.