Saturday, 5 July 2008

Another Changed Life

I received an email from David Kabiswa of ACET who was visiting with Pastor Paul Luballe in Iganga. Pastor Paul has received Love Africa funds for his Centre For Evangelism which plants churches and trains pastors and communities to work with people living with HIV/AIDS. They are especially active in supporting widows and vulnerable children and helping them with housing and child-headed family develoment. here is a short extract from David's email:

There was more joy last week as another widow got a house! CFE (Centre For Evangelism) continues to be a major Christian witness in the community. There is this lady we visited when we were with you and you did pray for her at that time. We as ACET felt so touched that her condition wasn't changing much - so we mobilised some resources from a gift we had received. Only last week did she mention to Pastor Paul what her neighbours had told her in the past.... The neighbours had always seen the people coming and taking photos and for a while no results.... “if anybody ever comes to help you, then we shall know that God exists.. why would somebody come to help you, what do they stand to benefit’.. Pastor told me that the widow was ecstatic – almost running insane – the scope of God’s help and answer to prayer was more than she could believe. She is settling down now. Martin, that testimony brought a tear to my heart.. to me this is what we should live for.. making a significant difference in an individual's life, even if it only means one at a time!

One life at a time...that is all we can do! But each life changed is a testimony to God's love and to the willlingness of His church to go to the hard places and bring Christ's hope. Amazing!

David also mentions in his email the impact of the funds sent from Love Africa:

Pastor says that work in the new areas has started. He was also surprised by the poverty levels and needs in among the young children. There was celebration in the community when they received blankets and a few other things from the St James project grant. Pastor himself was happy but even so, he was more humbled. He is so grateful for these links that help him bring Christ's love to the people. I asked him for photos so that we could send them to you before the meeting next week. I think I will get some this weekend. This should bring joy to the Love Africa team.

More funds will be sent in the next few weeks to more projects...Praise God that we are able to make some difference from the richjes he has blessed us with.