Saturday, 28 June 2008

A Visit to St James from Pastor Nicholas

Pastor Nicholas Ong'amu visited St James during the week. He was here as part of a longer UK visit to meet with some of the churches and individuals that support him and his wife Maria in their ministry.

St James has already sent money to Tumaine Children's home to help fund education, health and construction costs for the children and the home in which they live.

We recently received pictures of work being done to renew the roof as well as add windows, doors and plater to the building which already houses 80 children who have been orphaned by HIV/AIDS. Pastor Nicholas's church also cares for another 100 children who are living in foster homes because the community in Kakira is so itinerant and so few own their own land or homes sometimes the children's home is the only hope.

Pastor Nicholas will be travelling to Kampala in September sponsored by Love Africa with a St James church family member to attend the WATOTO conference and to learn about their particular model for caring for Orphans and Vulnerable Children.

Building Work on the Roof improvements well under way!

While Nicholas was with us he met many people at St James. He was out for dinner every evening and visited housegroups as well as the Gerrards Cross CE School. He also spent time with our church wardens who were able to pray for him.

Jane Jefferis chatting with Pastor Nick!

A great privilege to pray with the Pastor before he left us

Pastor Nicholas was with us at the Love Africa evening on Monday and nearly 100 members of the two St James were able to ask any questions about his ministry, the Love africa initiative and the issues relating to HIV/AIDS in Uganda.

Time to chat and get to know him better and hear his story.