Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Love Africa Day at The Gerrards Cross Church of England School

In March 08 Nicola Flower the head teacher of the Gerrards Cross Church Of England School and a member of St James, was part of the team that visited Uganda. She was hoping to forge a link with a school and ACET introduced them to a school with whom they are already building relationship. It is very exciting to think of all the blessings that partneship will bring.

The children at the Gerrads Cross CE school have already engaged really well with Love Africa and just a few weeks ago, just before half tem, St James and The Gerrards Cross CE School had a truly unique Love Africa experience...Nicola takes up the story:

Friday 23 May was 'Love Africa' day at The Gerrards Cross CE School. The exciting day was led by a huge team of 45 staff and volunteers from the two St James, and was planned by the Children's Team as a PromiseLand / holiday club day.

The Team

It enabled 400 children to learn more about Africa, its languages, animals and people, focusing in particular on some of the key partners in the 'Love Africa' initiative. The children learned again about how every person matters to God and that Jesus is there for everybody; they thought about how these bible truths are key to 'Love Africa' and celebrated the faith and vibrancy of Christians in Africa.

Singing African Songs and learning about God's Love for everyone

The day was a wonderful celebration of the relationship between the two St James and the school. The children had an enormous amount of fun and many are still talking about two weeks later. And importantly it gave them an opportunity to explore God's love in a relevant, memorable and immensely enjoyable way.