Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Does Jesus make a difference? Ask Meyrick Beebee Junior

I am 24 years old and I know there is great suffering in this world, but is there an answer? Does Jesus really make a difference to those whose families have fallen apart because of HIV/Aids? In April of this year I travelled to Uganda on some holiday time I had set aside and I visited some of the Love Africa projects. I met two elderly grandmothers who’s stories I want to share….

I met them when I visited ‘Uganda Womens Concern Ministry,’ which is one of the organisations we support. I visited Mary Masela with Christine and Stella from UWCM. Mary is the lady in the picture with one of her grandchildren. She is a Roman Catholic, 78 years of age with 20 grandchildren. She looks after them all, 15 of these children have no mother or father. HIV/Aids has destroyed her family. She is blind in one eye is too weak to work. She relies on well-wishers to support these children. Stella went to get some food from our vehicle. Mary rose to her feet, knelt on the ground, arms lifted to heaven and said, ‘Thank you God for my guests for whom you had planned that they would visit me at this time. I am glad and pray that you continue to sustain us amidst all these challenges God, I ask you to bless them abundantly.’ I promise you, Jesus makes a difference in her life and so can we. I visited another grandmother, who I will call Hope, for I did not learn her name. I went with Christine and Stella to see her. I walked into a small house and sat and listened to Hope. She is grandmother with four grandchildren. They have no mother or father. Her only daughter and her daughter’s husband committed suicide after they realised they where HIV+. I knelt on the flaw beside Hope and started to pray for her. Tears were falling down her cheeks and this is what flowed our of her heart…

“I had only one child – the mother of these orphaned children and my husband chucked me and married another wife because I had given birth to only one child. But I thank God the creator who has a purpose for everyone. He has put people out there to care for people like me. He knows all our futures and is watching over us. Thank you for loving us…’

I promise you, Jesus makes a difference in her life and so can we.