Tuesday, 1 April 2008

More thoughts from the returning team

Jacky Hughes says...

It has been difficult to concentrate today. My mind keeps going back to all the wonderful people we met and the amazing work they are doing with God's grace. On Friday we visited Pastor Luis working in the Kampala slums helping widows and orphans to find hope for the future and bringing them to faith through deeds and love. As well as providing some schooling for the smallest children within his families he is providing women with life skills so that they can become more financially independent.
The pictures shows one lady making beautiful paper beads which then become the necklaces on the table.

Another picture shows Kathy having a go! Other women were weaving mats and making dresses and wrap round skirts.

The necklaces proved particularly popular and we all bought some. They will be treasured reminders of what can be achieved when you restore hope to people. Jacky