Friday, 25 April 2008

Messages from Uganda

Having sent the funds out to Uganda this week we have received messages from Pastor Paul & Pastor Nicholas....

Pastor Paul writes...

Dear Pastor Martin,
Thanks for that great news. Praise the Lord! This is going to be a big boost for our ministry. I am sure with the support of ACET, we are going to do our best for His glory.I have spoken to David about the project, and we have planned to meet early next week to discuss how things are going to be handled, including monitoring, progress and financial reports.Pray for us that our partnership will bring glory to His Name, as we expand His Kingdom.May the Lord continue to bless your loving congregation for this great miracle. Deliver our love to all.In His Service,
Some of the people in one community being helped by The Centre For Evangelism

Pastor Nicholas writes...

Blessings to you Pastor Martin and all the saints at St James.
On behalf of Kakira Christian Family Centre and Tumaini Children's Home in Kakira, I send you our love and appreciation for allyour prayers, concern and support. It is with gratitude to know that the money for the proposal has been transferred to ACET. The Lord bless you. All this funding is to be used for the extension of the Kingdom of God in our nation, according for prioritized needs for the children.
With my LUV

One of the corridors at the home that needs some serious "finishing off"

The outside of the Tumaini Children's Home in Kakira - They have an amazing view from there!

One of the dorms...yes they do have mosquito nets now! But no loos...that is where we come in!

Once again, thank you to the St James Church family for your wonderful generosity. We praise God that we are now moving forward in a very real way with Love Africa. Please pray that these projects flourich in The Lord...the enemy prowls around and they soo need our prayers.