Saturday, 19 April 2008

First Project Money is about to go!

At last, after all the due dilligence and detailed prayer & discussion, we are sending funds to our first two projects in Uganda as part of our Love Africa initiative. If you have given, here is a bit more detail about where the first phase of funding is going. If you have not yet given to Love Africa then you can do that any time, just speak to the Church Office.

We are waiting on big proposals from 6-8 more projects due in May and also proposals for funding ACET themselves. All our commitments are, in principle, for three years.

Project 1: Tumaini Children's Home
Many may already be familiar with this project. We have built such a wonderful relationship with Pastor Nicholas Ong'Amo and his wife who run the church and the children's ministry in the middle of a Sugar Plantation just outside Kamapla near Jinja.
Promiseland Children have already sent greetings and T-Shirts to the children there...see pics below. And now St James is fulfilling its commitment to fund the finishing off of the home which is still in a very poor state; also to provide a water system and some power to the building.
In addition we are funding education for all the children for a year and we hope that we will be able to build and sustain this commitment for each child to go through their whole primary education.

This is Winni. St James teams met her in March 2007 and again January & March 2008. She is one of the children orphaned by HIV/AIDS. Tumaini is giving her hope and security. Love Africa money will make sure she, and her new brothers and sisters have a safer place to live and that she can start going to school.

Here is an extract from the Tumaini proposal introduction which gives a flavour of the passion and vision Pastor Nicholas has...

Tumaini children’s home is located at Kakira Sub County central in Butembe county of Jinja district of the Republic of Uganda. Located in a distance of 14kms away from Jinja town. Tumaini is a Swahili word for “HOPE” ... the word sums up the organisations Mission - giving hope to the hopeless.

Kakira Christian Centre started Tumaini children’s home in 1996. The prevalent situation in the community necessitated a church response to the plight of orphans and vulnerable children in our midst. Tumaini Children Home (TCH) is an interdenominational structure; it welcomes children from all faiths and walks of life with a vision to reach more children with the Gospel and compassion of Christ. The church childrens work grew to 150 children in two (2) years, used to meet every Saturday and Sunday afternoon.

In 1997 the church grew to support orphans and Vulnerable children by the provision of education /scholastic support and uniforms. A small baseline survey at the time revealed that there were over 2300 Orphans in Kakira, many of whom where not even going to school while some were living with HIV. The initial church support saw members take up children into their homes to support and foster them.

The construction and establishment of Tumaini Children’s home started in November 2004 when the children being supported was 53. It had started going beyond the ability of the local church members to support. To date TCH and Kakira Christian Centre Ministries are directly serving 148 children (orphaned) in Kakira who receive Education basic support from church congregation.

Tumaini children’s home is currently operating under Kakira Christian centre, but we aim to see it becoming a self-reliant institution before the end of this year 2008. The registration process for it to become a fully fledged autonomous institution is underway

Love Africa is sending £11,000 to fund
  • Putting in Ceilings and plastering decorating the home
  • Roof repair and restoration
  • Provision of an underground water tank to provide daily fresh water
  • Funding for solar panels to give affordable electricity
  • School fees and funding for uniform & materials for 60 children for an initial year
  • A special gift to help with food supplies as currently these children only have food five days out of seven

Children welcome the St James team at the Tumaini Home

Project 2: Centre For Evangelism Pastor Paul Luballe

Pastor Paul has been a church leader and planter for many years. His biggest challenge in every community in which he operates is Orphans, widows and vulnerable children. He has started to develop training and equipping programmes to ensure that his local church pastors can give hope to people living with HIV/AIDS by helping them establish and sustain child-headed families. Our teams visiting in 07 and 08 met some of the young men who are being helped by Pastor Paul's Churches...truly amazing work!

Pastor Paul is working with the poorest and most vulnerabnle families. Here is an extract from his proposal that describes the work we are helping to fund:

The target group is composed of 20 homes from each of 5 selected centers in the communities where the Centre for Evangelism Ministry operates. These homes have an average of 7 people each. They include, PLHA (people living with HIV/AIDS), widows, orphans, widowers, in and out of school youths, the elderly and other vulnerable community members.

The target group as described above are mainly rural, based people, of low income, earning their livelihood from subsistence farming and small scale rearing of a few animals like goats, chicken, pigs. They generally live in poor quality houses. 86 % of the households have rammed earth for walls, and 40 % have thatch for roofing materials.

25 % of the children below 18 years are orphans. Of these less than 30 % have a pair of shoes while only 25 % have a separate blanket to themselves. Of the children 6 – 12 years 13 % are out of school. Up to 23 % of these people have no access to safe water and 15 % have no toilet facilities.

Majority cannot afford the cost of mosquito nets to guard against malaria carrying mosquitoes. All households use firewood for cooking. Their main source of information is by word of mouth – up to 65 % of the households. This is an environment with high chances for HIV/AIDS infection if nothing is done.

Such are the direct beneficiaries. They are linked to the CFE centres through the organisation’s community workers. In each centre these workers (at least 10) are drawn from the community and trained. They live in the community side by side with the target households.

Freddie Jones & David Kabiswa talking with Pastor Paul in January 2008. His work is awe inspiring and his vision is compelling.

The Centre For Evangelism proposal is asking for funding for Pastor Paul to enlarge and deepen his work accross the board. He is asking for £20,000 over two years with an option to run to a third year as he see the work growing. We are sendng out the first six months of funding and as the work develops we have made an in principle commitment to the two year proposal. We are his first ever supporter comitted to him for a number of years. He is very excited!

Please pray for Pastor Paul and his team and Pastor Nicholas and his wife Marie. They are seeing God at work around them every day and they need the security and hope that comes from the commitments and encouragement we are giving them.

As the rest of the (bigger) Projects emerge in the coming weeks we hope to mobilise teams of volunteers at St James who will contribute to our corer areas of:

  1. Prayer

  2. Encouragement

  3. Funding

  4. Skills sharing visits

  5. Advocacy to the wider church and wider community

If you want to be involved then just call Martn Williams or any member of the current Love Africa Team

John Smiley, Bev Duery, Sue Gillespie, Wendy Blinco, Jacky Hughes, Debbie Perrera, Peter Mawditt, Nigel Young, Shawn Swinney, Andrew Shingleton.