Saturday, 22 March 2008

Second team are on their way

Our team left a cold and wet Heathrow Airport for Uganda this afternoon, travelling via Kenya. Please pray for Gary, Kathy, Nicola, Andrew, Jacky and Bev as they travel through the night.

Tomorrow they will celebrate Easter with the children at Tumaini Childen’s Home in Kakira by having an Easter party. The preparations for this are already in hand and Pastor Nicholas is organising sodas, chocolate, cookies and cakes for the children.

This is being funded by the PromiseLand children who collected $203. Any money left over will be left with Pastor Nicholas for general provisions as the situation at the orphanage is very ‘hand to mouth’.

The party will be happening on Easter Sunday afternoon, which given the time difference from the UK will be about the same time as we are celebrating Easter in our services in Gerrards Cross and Fulmer.

Look out for further updates on this site as the team's itinerary takes shape and we hear about their journey.