Sunday, 30 March 2008

St James team home safely

The St James team arrived home safely this morning at Heathrow Airport...and some were seen in the morning services.

Friday, 28 March 2008


The team today reported seeing more inspired leaders living God's vision.

Every project is immensely grateful to ACET for their support.

Thursday, 27 March 2008


The team have texted that they have been hugely inspired by their visit today to a church and school project, where inspirational staff are doing amazing work in difficult circumstances.

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

The T-shirts arrived!

Promiseland Children brought T-Shirts to their Sunday morning session a couple of weeks ago to send to the children at Tumaini. The team took them out and here are the pics to show them wearing them at the Easter party!!!! Wonderful, well done Promiseland!

Wednesday's Update

We had assembly at The Church of England School today and spoke to Nicola Flower their head teacher who is in Uganda. We had her on the speaker-phone so the whole school could hear her news. She had just been with the team to visit a school in the poorest area of Kampala with which the school in Gerrards Cross may be building a long term relationship. She sounded so excited and thrilled at the prospect and the children were so excited to hear her voice all the way from Kampala!

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Tuesday - with Pastor Paul

This morning the team were in Iganga with Pastor
Paul looking at Child-Headed household projects.

In the afternoon they are moving on to TAIP (The AIDS Intervention

Monday, 24 March 2008

Easter Monday update

The team reported back that the t-shirts and greetings were received with joy at Tumaini. Funding for waterworks and roof completion were agreed and the team got clarification on the electrics proposals.

Today the St James team saw two new projects: one a Church of Uganda project, and the other a parents' drinking club. It was a long day with no time to eat, but they received a huge welcome wherever they went.

They are staying overnight in Mbale.

Tomorrow they travel to Iganga to meet with Pastor Paul and see the child-headed household work.

They will finish the day back in Kampala.

Sunday, 23 March 2008

Team location

The team are currently in Jinja

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Team have arrived safely in Uganda

The team arrived safely after an easy journey.

They are now travelling in torrential rain to the Tumaini home for an Easter party with the children.

Location of Tumaini Home

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Saturday, 22 March 2008

Second team are on their way

Our team left a cold and wet Heathrow Airport for Uganda this afternoon, travelling via Kenya. Please pray for Gary, Kathy, Nicola, Andrew, Jacky and Bev as they travel through the night.

Tomorrow they will celebrate Easter with the children at Tumaini Childen’s Home in Kakira by having an Easter party. The preparations for this are already in hand and Pastor Nicholas is organising sodas, chocolate, cookies and cakes for the children.

This is being funded by the PromiseLand children who collected $203. Any money left over will be left with Pastor Nicholas for general provisions as the situation at the orphanage is very ‘hand to mouth’.

The party will be happening on Easter Sunday afternoon, which given the time difference from the UK will be about the same time as we are celebrating Easter in our services in Gerrards Cross and Fulmer.

Look out for further updates on this site as the team's itinerary takes shape and we hear about their journey.

Thursday, 13 March 2008

Things are coming together - What an amazing God!

As of this week we have received detailed proposals from two of the projects that are closest to our hearts here at St James. There are at least four more to come in March. The Tumaini Children's Home has asked us to help with some essential building work, and some development of their site to make it a wholesome place to live. They have big vision for caring for the hundreds of Orphans in Kakira. Our first big step after that is going to be linking families to sponsoring education and health care for the 80 children in Tumaini. Meanwhile the March team visiting after Easter will be taking out gifts to the Tumaini home to cement our relationship with them further. Please pray for Pastor Nicholas who has had a bad motorbike accident and severely injured his knee.

Pastor Nicholas and his wife Marie

The second proposal is from The Centre For Evangelism run by Pastor Paul Luballe in Iganga. This is one amazing man of God who has no funding streams at all for the amazing work he does planting churches and giving life skills and hope to child headed families. We have comitted in principle to support him in his development of training Pastors for three years. He has a chance to plan for the first time.

Children at the Life Skills Centre Built by CFE Pastor Paul

The feeling of elation in receiving these proposals and knowing that in only a few days we will be able to start allocating and sending funds given (now at £213,000) by the Church family is almost unbearable.

We have prayed and worked hard over the past year as a church family. God is opening doors for us now in awesome ways.

I am writing a talk called Songs Of Holy Week today and the proposals that sit on my desk speak of the hope and potential of resurrection life more eloquently than anything I can think of right now. New life in Jesus translated into real hope for new life in these communities in Uganda. What a privelege!

We hope to post the summary proposals on the web site and you can read them. Please do, they are truly inspiring.

If you have not given to Love Africa yet then you can do that any time. Just ask the Church office for the envelope with details and forms. Every PENNY goes to the projects...EVERY PENNY!

Please continue to pray for the team that is visiting in March and for the Steering Group that meets on March 20th.